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  • BW550ultra BMW Carplay Box
  • BW550ultra BMW Carplay Box
  • BW550ultra BMW Carplay Box
  • BW550ultra BMW Carplay Box
BW550ultra BMW Carplay Box

Model BW550 ultra special for BMW only , 8-core , 4+64GB ,much faster !!!

Support WiFi function , 4G LTE & TF Card

Support the cars after year 2017 , the car systems is idrive 6/7/8/8.5/9


Superb MMI BMW Carplay Ai Box (Multi Media Interface)

1. Support Global 4G SIM Card &WiFi internet  , TF card expand to 256G

2. New Customized UI, 3 modules 6 layout , more than 70 combinations switch as you like.

    Similar with iOS system, can adjust/replace any combinations and apps, support dynamic speed display

3. Support 5Ghz car internet hotspot

4. 8-core CPU, much faster reaction speed and smooth operating experience

5. Car hotspot function

6. EQ 10-segment adjustable equalizer (Sound)

7. Immersive mode dynamic wallpaper (automatically recognizes when there is   no operation to enter);

8. Pure Lyrics (can be displayed in UI)

9. GPS hardware signal stronger

10. Optimize full application effects for smoother operation perception

11. Startup time optimization, enter the system just take around 20 seconds

12. Supports a secondary screen to observe CPU and memory status in real time

13. Support OTA online upgrade 








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